Property Information
Property Type: Leisure Condo
Property Name: Oceanway Residences 2
Developer: Megaworld International
Location: Aklan


Bedroom: 1, 2
Bathroom: 1, 2
Floor Area: 38.3 – 56.40 square meters

Oceanway Residences 2 offers views as compelling because the surrounding landscape, the luxurious beach address, created from three trendy Spanish-style mid rise condominium cluster, overlooks the Fairways and Bluewater golf course on either facet. From the homes on the penthouse level of every cluster, expansive, exquisite views of Sibuyan Ocean will simply be enjoyed from the balcony.
A prestigious development from Megaworld Corporation and Global Estate Resort Inc. one in all worlds’ most loved tourist attraction. The Boracay Newcoast.
At the middle of its 1 km white beach is an example grand plaza referred to as Newcoast Station. This centerpiece conjointly is the wall unit and take-off purpose towards the opposite options of this integrated touristry estate. It’s encircled by hotels and an array of varied leisure selections and activities to decide on from.

Note that this wide area doesn’t in any way compromise the beach lovers can still enjoy the sand, ocean and sun alongside others who merely need to own an honest time in each manner Boracay Newcoast needs to supply once the sun sets, the area naturally and simply transforms into an exhilarating place pulsating to each beat of its cool night life. Expect a large number of events, concerts, and different promotional activities promotional activities that any traveler, recent and new, would certainly enjoy.

Scope of Works: Mechanical Electrical Plumbing & Fire Protection System.
• 3 Clusters
Cluster A – 7 floors, 77 units of 1 Bedroom & 3 Units of 2 Bedroom
Cluster B – 9 floors, 89 units of 1 Bedroom & 3 Units of 3 Bedroom
Cluster C – 7 floors, 77 units of 1 Bedroom & 3 Units of 2 Bedroom
• 55% Back up Power Supply
• Fire Detection and Alarm System (Heat & Smoke Detectors, Fire Alarm Tel Jack, Annunciator, MPS and Supervisory Monitor Modules)
• Fire Fighting System ( Sidewall, Pendent and Upright Sprinkler Heads, Fire Hose Cabinets and Fire Extinguishers)
• Smoke Extraction System on all levels and Staircase Pressurazation Fan Control/Monitor System
• Indirect Water Supply System, a water pump is used to draw water from storage tank at the ground level to rooftop water  tank then transmitted to each units
• Window Type ACUs for every units
• Centralized Toilet Exhaust and Kitchen Hood Exhaust for every units
• Individual water heater for every units
• Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Monitoring on every level hallway
• CATV, Telephone and Videophone Provision on every units
• Public Address/BGM System ( PA Speakers along the hallway on every level)
• 1 Unit 1000KVA Pad Mounted Transformer
• 1 Unit 700KVA Diesel Generator
• 3 Units of Pressurazation and Smoke Evacuation Fans
• 6 Units of Toilet and Kitchen Exhaust Fans
• 2 Units Fire Pumps
• 1 Unit Jockey Pump
• 6 Units Transfer Pumps
• 6 Units Booster Pumps
• 6 Units Sewage Ejector Pump
• 3 Units Fire Alarm Control Panel
• 3 Units Video Phone Bus Control Unit
• 1 Unit Main Data Frame and Main Telephone Terminal Cabinet
• 3 Units BGM/PA Amplifier Rack and Components